Mishka Spring 2013 Lookbook featuring Shaun Ross | Photos

Mishka releases their Spring 2013 lookbook and it ft. Shaun Ross of African descent. Ross is also known for being the first albino male model. He has modeled for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. Check out the lookbook after the click.0f37b7b6d70148fd58f51d66413210f5-420x630 a8eb9e760e1d68f25f8c0030712ff6c0-420x630 3012a05b931295721ed6de4e6ddc5479-420x630 93ee4d6861d94d33cb7f00c47a34ace8-420x630 42a7ea1496a7c784ea7d83f48a5e5604-420x630 9c88c5181a6457ac80367c052d002ad1-420x630 5b55f2139fcd7bbf51c9cc06cdc2a8c2-420x630 4e7db4a98003001e15ab1bcb31014e9a-420x630 3e192ede94b35bfebc435b9ccc426a20-420x630

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