Daily Archives: May 15, 2011

Cam’ron And Vado Boss Of All Bosses Series

Heres a 3-in-1 video of some singles off da series.”Ric Flair”, “La La Bumba” and “Push It”. Get da mixtapes in da post

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Big Sean Hometown (Music Video)/F.F.3 Download

Big Sean’s third installment to the Finally Famous mixtape series.

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Soulja Boy – Body (Juice Mixtape)

Banger off da Juice mixtape of many, Lex Luger beat so you already know its gonna be sick.

J Money – Sauce 4 Sale (Mixtape Download)

Soulja Boy’s new addition to SODMG, “J Money” aka “J Futuristic’s” new mixtape. This shit is full of swag, BOW BOW!


Parrish Art “Flints”

My little 8 year old cousin Parrish asked me if he should draw a picture of his Jordan 13 “Flints”, i said “why not”. So he asked for some paper and marker and he went to work, this is what he came back with.

He asked me “Do I like it?” and I said “Why don’t you try to draw exactly what you see next time, draw all the little details you see.” and I gave him pencil crayons  and look what he came up with.

A sick artwork of the Flint 13’s and he also used water to give it an effect. My laptop camera degrades the quality of the picture alil so it looks better in person. But yeah, with alot more practice he’s going to be an artist one day.

Cam’ron And Vado – Girls Cry/ Hey Muma (Music Video)

Da music video for Cam and Vado’s new single of they “Gunz And Butta” album.